Doll obsession!


Eugenia Dolls: On the left is "Iris," 18" tall. In the middle, "Sandra," 15" tall.
All hard plastic, mohair wigs.

On the left is a celluloid doll by Rheinische, aka Schildkröt or "turtle mark."
Her head and arms are celluloid; body is cloth stuffed with sawdust; 15' tall, and an antique.
On the right is a modern doll by doll artist Katherine (Mrs. Laszlo) Nagy.
The doll is one of two dolls made from a head sculpt by Mrs. Nagy; she named this one "Heidi":
12" tall; inset glass eyes; painted lashes; bisque head; jointed compo body.

Modern bisque, by Franklin Mint's Franklin Heirloom Dolls, a Simon & Halbig reproduction.
She's dressed in a white cambric cotton drop-waist dress, recreated from an original pattern.

Horsman Doll: 18" tall, vintage, hard plastic.

Nancy Ann Style Show: 15" tall, vintage, hard plastic.
At left is a Monica Doll Studios "Marion" doll, with human hair rooted in hard plastic.
The doll on the right is by an unknown maker; she's a walker I acquired because I like her hair.
The dresses are vintage but not original to the dolls.
Doll at left is another unknown.
She's a vintage hard-plastic walker,
with original wig,
wearing a "mommy made" dress
that was likely made in the 1950s.
She's about 17" tall
and may be a "no name"
but her face has survived beautifully
for over 50 years.

Four versions of the same doll. It's a doll I especially like, but no one has been able to identify the manufacturer.
She's 14" tall and a bit more delicate than most dolls her size from the early 1950s.
Doll on the far left has her original wig; the others are replacement wigs.
The doll 2nd from right has a custom-made human hair wig; the hair seems to be from a child.
Doll 2nd from left is dressed like a Catholic school girl.
Doll on far right has a dress made from feedsack material.

Chubby toddler dolls from the 1950s: All are about 10 1/2 inches tall,
and all are wearing modern-day, handmade clothes.
Front row, at far left is a doll dressed like a modern-day Camp Fire kid.
Next doll is dressed like a 1960s cheerleader from my old high school.
Next, the doll is suppossed to look like a Pakistani child. Next, corduroy overalls.
In back at left, school dress and red cardigan sweater. Next doll is supposed to be a Chinese child.
Then another American school girl in dress & sweater. And finally a princess outfit.
I have a small trunk filled with clothes and shoes for this size of doll,
and I keep hoping for a granddaughter!

The school teacher is a Richard Simmons doll, made in the likeness of his own sister.
The other dolls are, from left, Effanbee's "Fluffy" dressed as a Camp Fire Blue Bird;
Suzanne Gibson's Scottish lass; Susan Wakeen's "Saturday's Child";
"Mariquita Perez"; Mme. Alexander's "Maggie"; Remco's "Libby Littlechap";
Robert Tonner's Kripplebush Kid "Persimmon";
two "She's Like Me" dolls; Helen Kish's "Hannah,"
and Kehagias' "Red Riding Hood."
Most of the dolls are about 8 inches tall. All but Fluffy and Libby Littlechap are modern dolls.

Bobblehead dolls, from Green Bag magazine.
Front row: Justice Scalia, Chief Justice Rehnquist, Justice O'Connor, Justice Ginsburg.
Back row: Justice Thomas, Justice Kennedy, Justice Stevens, Justice Souter.
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NOTE: On this page, "vintage" means pre-1955, at least.