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Hail, Mary, full of grace; the Lord is with thee ... Even if you are
a minority of one,
the truth is the truth.

-- Mahatma Gandhi

In the words of Muhammad Ali, Jr.,
"It's not just black lives matter, white lives matter, Chinese lives matter, all lives matter. Everybody's life matters. God loves everyone."

In war, when one moves in and takes over, one takes control of the means of communication, the means of transportation, the means of commerce, and the right of people to freely assemble. One also quickly moves to take control of firearms. The level of totalitarian fascism in the USA in 2021 is extreme, and it has been delivered by "liberals" who are hellbent on butchering viable unborn babies, eliminating basic protections for women, and destroying small businesses. We are surviving a U.S.A. run by a collection of oligarchs, and civil rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution are ignored with no regard.

Hufford Family History, Volume II
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Franklin Pierce Hoffert's 1909

The Bill of Rights is like a family portrait, and the Second Amendment must not be excluded from the picture.

On the basis of both text and history, the 2nd Amendment guarantees an individual right to keep and bear arms. It is a civil right, and a citizen's right should not be dependent on his zip code. It is hoped that the Supreme Court will say just that in New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Kevin P. Bruen. (Amicus brief

The Supreme Court cannot throw out Heller without throwing out Obergefell. The Court ruled as fundamental both the right of an individual to own & possess arms and the right of an individual to marry a person of the same sex. However, Heller’s holding is based on a longer history and a stronger foundation than Obergefell's holding.
I.e., if Obergefell stays at the party, so does Heller. It is a marriage pronounced by the Supreme Court.
57 South Texas Law Review 215 (2016).

If the rule of law is to prevail, Supreme Court decisions that hold that a right is fundamental require obedience by lower courts.

Yet in the wake of the Supreme Court’s Heller and McDonald decisions that clarify and protect Second Amendment rights, federal and state inferior courts have been engaging in massive resistance.
81 Tenn. L. Rev. 673 (Spring 2014).


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